How to make doll hands
offered by
Karin of Countryfolk Keepsakes

First, trace out your doll arm and stitch.

Next, turn the arm right side out. Lightly pencil 4 lines where the thumb and fingers would be. I do this on both sides so they will line up nicely.
Lightly stuff with fiberfill to about the wrist.

Take your threaded long doll needle, go inside and up through the openin' of the doll arm and come out at the base of the thumb. Doin' this will hide your knotted thread.
Continue stitchin' all four lines until fingers are formed. Tie off thread.
Finish stuffin' the doll arm as usual.
You can also do this on your sewin' machine, but I prefer the look of hand stitched.

Ta-dah! That's it! Now make another one so she can applaud you for a job well done!